We receive many, very different applications from coaches and we need active, qualified support. For this reason, we have decided to utilize an idea, which was originally conceived as “personal further training”, for both objectives: for demanding, individual further training as a business coach and for mutual acquaintance.

In each case, the objective of this certification is personal development. To this end, we furnish new or interesting impulses from the current prevailing discussion, from quantum theory and neurobiology to, obviously, post-heroic management. There is scope for personal reflection, a personal test and a collegial exchange of experiences. Finally, there is also time which is otherwise frequently lacking: time to become cognizant of one’s own orientation in the next three years.

In addition, we expressly invite all business coaches who would like to collaborate with evolutionen (on projects or as salaried employees) to participate. In our view, this certification provides scope for mutual acquaintance and, possibly, scope for opting in favour of collaboration.

Since we consider this certification to constitute an integral element of our future spectrum it is important to us that we are precisely cognizant of your personal experiences with this programme. For this reason, we make all participants in this “first round” the following offer: every day you electronically furnish us with documentation of the individual process day reflections (“daily doc”) on the basis of a set template – in return, upon completion of the certification, you will be reimbursed 30% of the participation fees.

The certification procedure is as follows:

Step 1:
You send us material and information on

  • Management and leadership experience (function/position, members of staff, budget)
  • Coaching training as a business coach (training institute, scope, qualification)
  • Professional experience as a coach (years, clients, references if any, topics)
  • Method competence (which methods?)
  • Your self-image as a coach

Step 2:
Invitation to a personal interview in Bonn or Berlin

Step 3:

Part 1, duration: five days - next dates: 16-20.3.08

  • Joint location and self-images (one day)
  • Post-heroic management impulse and approach (one day)
  • Most recent findings from the fields of neurobiology and/or quantum physics (two days)
  • Attitude and process orientation in management and coaching (one day)

Part 2, duration: four days – next dates: 27-30.4.08

  • A look at the clients and necessary differentiations: groups and small and medium sized companies, managers and entrepreneurs
  • Typical reasons for coaching in the management sector
  • Leadership: roles, rules and scope for development
  • Final reflection with an eye to the next three years

Part 3, duration: two days, by invitation – next dates: 22 and 23.5.08

  • evolutionen coaching process standards
  • Introduction to the project partner contract and the general conditions

Step 4:
Commencement of collaboration

  • “Step-by-step” commencement at evolutionen principals with new clients
  • Leadership process collaboration offer

You will be automatically informed of further details electronically
when you send your documents (step 1).