One aspect of our activities encompasses an image.
There are three things to which we attach particular importance:

  • We accept you as an autonomous. responsible and independent person. This means that we keep ourselves to ourselves, avoid manipulation and take you seriously.
    Couched in more concrete terms: all the evolutionen team members operate using the doctrine of co dependence according to Anne Wilson Schaef, in other words, the exercise of control over people via specific dynamics using the techniques to hand in our society. Our own brand of supervision and collegial collaboration sets store by the existence of clear structures between you and ourselves. The objective of and background to our collaboration with you with is the fact that you are at liberty to participate.
  • We trust our perceptions. We assume that we experience reality via our sense organs: they are our opening on and route into the wider world. Sensory perception sometimes lasts longer than intellectual digestion, though it is also the case that it is not as easily influenced.
  • We proceed in harmony with you and ourselves - we do not suppress our doubts, we formulate them.
    In communication terms we think along constructivist lines: I am 100% responsible for what I say - and you are 100% responsible for what you understand. At the same time, we are aware that it is actually the audience to whom a speech is addressed who say what it is that the speaker said. Heinz von Foerster and the natural scientists Maturana and Varela are champions of this tradition, as are Paul Watzlawick and the Palo Alto school.