• Scope of validity
    The following General Terms and Conditions of Business shall apply to all commissions pertaining to consulting activities, training courses and coaching sessions insofar as nothing to the contrary arises on the basis of the client's quotation or written agreements between the parties involved.

  • Calculation bases
    Fees for training courses, seminars and workshops shall be invoiced on the basis of daily rates. Such fees shall be understood to constitute all-in prices, including the outward and return travelling times incurred by the consultants. Preparation times shall, on the basis of the time and effort involved, be invoiced immediately subsequent to each and every training course, seminar and workshop. Consulting and coaching fees shall likewise be invoiced on the basis of daily rates; in the event that, in the case of sessions lasting less than four hours, our project partners should visit your premises, travelling times shall also be charged. Invoices shall be issued monthly on the final day of a month. In the case of coaching sessions, including by telephone or e-mail, the actual times involved plus the preparation and follow up times shall be charged.
    Travelling expenses shall be invoiced on the basis of first class rail travel, business class flights or a flat-rate kilometre charge of Euro 0.50. Fees and expenses shall be settled net immediately upon receipt of the relevant invoice.

  • Scope of performance
    The tasks, course of approach and nature of the results of our activities shall be stipulated by our quotation insofar as they are not regulated in the written agreements between yourselves and ourselves. Any amendments, additions or extensions to such tasks, course of approach or nature of the results of our activities shall require a special written agreement.

  • Cancellations
    Cancellations of seminars, training courses and workshops shall not incur a charge on condition that they are notified up to three weeks prior to the first seminar, training course or workshop day. In the case of cancellations at shorter notice you shall be invoiced 50% of the costs. You shall be credited with such costs in the event that, within three months, you should commission our company with the task of holding the seminar, training course or workshop in question as originally planned.

    In the case of coaching sessions cancellations up to three days before the deadline shall not incur a charge; in the case of cancellations at shorter notice 30% of the agreed fee shall be invoiced. In the event of a coaching date being postponed, this shall be possible at short notice. Should three such postponements materialize, we shall invoice a standby fee to the amount of Euro 500.00 plus value-added tax.

  • Liability and compensation
    Our consulting services shall be provided according to the best of our knowledge and belief. Liability for consulting services which are provided shall be precluded pursuant to § 675, Paragraph 2 German Civil Code. It should additionally be noted that, on a non recurring basis, we shall be liable for any incidences of prejudice which are occasioned by our associates in consequence of wilful intent or gross negligence up to a total amount equal to the overall fee, though a maximum amount of Euro 25,000.00. Any more far-reaching liability shall be precluded. In the case of project partners we shall only be liable for the careful selection of such partners.

  • Copyright
    We shall reserve all rights, including the rights of the translation, reproduction and replication of seminar, workshop, training course or coaching session hand-outs or parts of the same. Without the written consent of evolutionen no part of such hand-outs may be reproduced, particularly processed, replicated, disseminated or utilized for public reproductions using electronic systems, in any shape or form whatsoever.

Evolutionen Büro für postheroisches Management 19.10.2006