The target group.

Systemic individual coaching is aimed at managers wishing to enhance or optimize their management skills in concrete situations.

Your situation.
You are seeking a tailor-made opportunity to enhance your bearing or individual management tools given concrete reasons or with regard to particular aspects. You wish to fine tune your skills along active and very systematic lines in consultation with an experienced interlocutor. Or you wish to conduct a self-test during the course of normal activities and review and revise your conduct and tackle new challenges. You are highly motivated for the purposes of achieving progression and pondering your development. You are aiming to attain the best possible results.

Our task.
In the first instance we will hold a preliminary discussion in an informal atmosphere without any obligation. We will become acquainted and you will inform us of your concern as candidly as possible. We will jointly elaborate the objective, which will encompass milestones and a timeframe. At the conclusion of the process we will review the quality of the results which have been achieved. In this fashion you will acquire some understanding of your personal learning style and will also become cognizant of the best means of achieving self-development in the future.

The methods.
Observations, role-play, constellations, flipchart, mind map, analyses of your own activities, metaphor tasks, structural and organizational constellations, theory input, background to individual management tools, insight into up-to-the-minute scientific findings.

A selection of the contents.
  • Permanently enhancing your own management style
  • Identifying and developing your own resources
  • Organizing your own area of responsibility
  • Perceptibly enhancing your own communication skills
  • Accompanying, managing and pondering change processes
  • Handling stress in a more calm and collected fashion
  • Permanently resolving behavioural patterns identified as problematic
  • Receiving feedback in complex decision-making processes
  • Consciously applying time management and self-management
  • Elaborating your own vision
  • Successfully and serenely implementing measures
  • Systematically developing and implementing your own strategies
  • Everything which facilitates your personal business advancement

Coach As per arrangement
Fee € 2500.00 per day
plus value-added tax
Date(s) Upon enquiry
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