Evolutions? The term stands for developments beyond traditional "management development", for organic developments. We offer such developments for both management trainees and managers already in positions of responsibility who are on the verge of joining the ranks of top management. You, our business sector's future top executives, are our primary concern. Our objective is the enlargement of your room for manoeuvre in your dealings with people, your personality and your resources.

We are all aware that the key success factors in the business sector cannot be reduced to the "hard" tools, to methods and structures. They are the necessary prerequisites. The minimum requirement is: mastery of the "soft" skills as an equal matter of course.

In very practical terms, the questions which we address together may be as follows: how do you obtain the backing of others in difficult situations? How do you win people's support for yourself and your ideas? Concrete situations may be involved, though also perhaps the enlargement of your creative scope: how do you reach the next decisive level, the front rank? When you have arrived there: how do you evolve at this level, what needs improving, what strengthens and stabilizes you? In the final analysis, top management is a lonely business.

In which areas do you need a clear, strategic-thinking interlocutor?

Business and society are dependent upon entrepreneurial managers whose ambition extends beyond merely "appearing authentic". We proceed on the basis of the following terms of reference: we expand your scope and room for manoeuvre as a person. We enable you to lead a self-determined management existence and succeed at your company. We operate at the value level together in conjunction with clear concepts and mutual respect.