Charles Handy, who coined this term, pleads for post-heroic management as an organizational form which breaks with our usual control illusions: the dilemma of the merely putatively controllable uncontrollable. Dirk Baecker utilizes the term for his vademecum, which presents the particularly elegant, frequently irritating management theories of the early 1990s in a concise, brilliant and illuminating fashion.

For him the sought-after manager is someone who does not need grand gestures, instead contributing skills which, in equal measure, surprise and win the backing of other people. You can learn more on this subject from us in a very practical fashion: at one and the same time, the approach, concept and heading which are adopted by post heroic management constitute the collation of smart and bold management concepts which evolve in conjunction with the changes which are afoot in our business sector. An excellent set of tools for entrepreneurship featuring both realism and visionary capability.

Post-heroic means that you abolish grand gestures. This may entail your removing your heroic mask and finding the person behind the mask. You take a step towards yourself and, at the same time, towards others. You notice: irritation is a duty, exercises an illuminating effect and can transform ill-fated dead-ends into attractive crossroads. You decide.